Keratoconus (Cross Linking)

  Why Use Professor Stephanie Watson

  Prof Watson is a corneal specialist and understands the complete range of options available to treat your specific condition to ensure you achieve the optimal visual outcome. As a specialist, she is often sought out for second opinions or referred complicated cases.

  Prof Watson uses the latest cross linking equipment to ensure that your procedure is as comfortable as possible.
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Sydney Eye Operation - Cross Linking

Cross Linking

Cross Linking Technique

  • Cross linking is a relatively new technique for the treatment of Keratoconus (which is a condition of corneal weakness).
  • The technique uses UV light and a photosensitiser to strengthen collagen bonds or cross links. These are the natural anchors in the cornea that prevent it from bulging out.
  • It is performed in the consulting rooms and takes less than one hour.
  • Cross linking is not a cure for Keratoconus, it is a treatment that stabilises the deterioration of the cornea and enables some patients to improve their vision.
  • The patient is able to go home the same day

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