Laser Vision Surgery

  Why Use Professor Stephanie Watson

  Prof Watson is a corneal specialist with experience in the range of options available, and will ensure that your treatment is tailored to your specific needs.

  Prof Watson uses the latest surgical techniques and equipment.
Laser Eye Surgery Sydney

What Is Laser Vision Correction?

Laser eye surgery is typically performed to correct a refractive error. The laser re-shapes the front of your cornea to improve the functioning of the lens and to remove or reduce your need for glasses.

Laser eye surgery has been performed since the early 1990’s and is now a common procedure, with in general excellent results. As with any procedure there are some risks involved, however the chance of a severe problem is very low.

The terminology used for laser surgery can unfortunately often be confusing for those researching their options. At a simple level there two main types of surgery: LASIK and ASLA. Other terminology used, such as NuLasik, normally refer to the manufacturer of the specific technology used to perform the technique. Although different surgeons will have their own preferences, in general the different technologies all produce good results.

Post Operative Care

You will need a post operative appointment with Prof Watson on the day following your surgery to check that everything is in order, and will require a further appointment a week after that. Your progress will continue to be monitored after one and then six months.

On your discharge you will be provided with eyedrops that you will need to apply for a short time following your operation. Typically you can expect to resume normal activities after a few days, however you are advised not to swim for at least one week.

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