Top 5 Eye Myths
Studio10 - youtube channel
Apr 19, 2016 - Professor Stephanie Watson joins us to bust the most common myths we hear about our eyes and eyesight!
Studio10 - Top 5 Eye Myths busted with Prof Stephanie Watson
Solution for Sore Eyes
UNSW - youtube channel
Dry eyes affect 3.15 million Australians. This UNSW innovation is a new eye drop that treats the underlying cause of blepharitis, an extremely painful dry eye condition.
Professor Stephanie Watson - Save Sight Institute
Sight for Sore Eyes
UNSW - youtube channel
In a world-first breakthrough, UNSW medical researchers have used stem cells cultured on a simple contact lens to restore sight to sufferers of blinding corneal disease.
Dr Stephanie Watson
Corneal Stem Cells
Catalyst - ABC, 24 March 2011

"The cornea has a very unique architecture to ensure that it remains transparent. And so when that architecture is disrupted such as in stem cell failure it becomes hazy" - Dr Stephanie Watson

Watch at the ABC
Stem Cell For Eye Repair - Winner and People's Choice
New Inventors - ABC, Episode 30 - 26 August 2009

"When ready, an eye surgeon removes damaged cells from the patient's eye before inserting the cultured contact lens and within two weeks, the healthy cells re-colonise the damaged eye surface and restore the patient's eyesight " - Prof Stephanie Watson

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